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A Craiger Engagement

Everyone, say hello to Jake and Allison: What can we tell you about Jake and Allison? Well, we’re lucky enough to already be friends with them. They’re super funny, great to hang out with and are perfectly made for each other. It … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Exposure Triangle

Alright. So I (Kathy) am taking this as an opportunity to learn. Let me tell you, I can point and shoot all day long but when it comes to settings…I’m not the quickest at picking it up. Very often Matt … Continue reading

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A Sunday with the Aveys

Our first bon-a-fide shoot was with a friend’s family to shoot their Christmas pictures. What an experience! We met up around 1pm at the National Marine Museum in Quantico, VA. Right next to the museum you follow a road up … Continue reading

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This is the start of something awfully special….

Hi all! :) Just posting to say hello and let you know that we’re both super excited to find out where this journey into photography will take us. Matt and I are ridiculously in love with taking pictures and we … Continue reading

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All things Bokeh

 I’m obsessed. Well, I’ve always been obsessed with it, but now my obsession has a name. Bokeh. Sweet, beautiful bokeh. Pronounced bo-keh (“bo” as in “bone” and “ke” as in “kenneth”), it refers to the character of all the out-of-focus areas within … Continue reading

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