A Craiger Engagement

Everyone, say hello to Jake and Allison:

What can we tell you about Jake and Allison? Well, we’re lucky enough to already be friends with them. They’re super funny, great to hang out with and are perfectly made for each other. It is very rare you come across a couple who is so thoughtful of each other and it’s great to witness it up close. Though most of their converstations are riddled with sarcasm, they’re incredibly in love.

The day started at the Metro. We rode into DC to explore. Jake and Allison were excellent subjects and they were constantly posing. :)

We stopped to eat at Sushi Go Round (and Tapas) and got sake at to keep us warm – it was freezing outside! We also hit up Red Velvet Cupcakes in Chinatown.

After much walking, talking and photo taking we finally hopped back on the metro and headed home.

Thanks so much to Jake and Allison, who made our first engagement shoot so much easier than it could have been! We wish you a long, happy life together and cannot wait for your wedding in March! :)


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One Response to A Craiger Engagement

  1. Jessica Harris says:

    I love the engagement photos! Jake and Allison are really cute together! You guys did a fabulous job!

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