A Sunday with the Aveys

Our first bon-a-fide shoot was with a friend’s family to shoot their Christmas pictures. What an experience!

We met up around 1pm at the National Marine Museum in Quantico, VA. Right next to the museum you follow a road up to a chapel. The chapel itself was extremely beautiful, I found myself drawn to the stone slabs stacked to build it. Once inside you will find that the building is mainly glass.

The Aveys were amazing. They were patient while we fixed some kinks and kept their smiles on the whole time.

After shooting various family shots in the chapel we went outside to brave the cold. It didn’t last long and poor little Nathan (the grandson, our friend’s son) was nearly frozen to the core! But what a trooper!

All in all it was an amazing experience and we learned a lot from it. On top of that, we were able to finally pull the band-aid of anxiety about finally starting real shoots. We’re open for business, thank you Aveys.


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